Download free MP3 Italian : Best Way to Learn to Speak Spanish - Audio CDs or MP3 Download

The easiest, fastest, cheapest and best way to learn to speak Spanish is with interactive audio, on CD's or via an MP3 downloadable file. The main reasons that this is true are:

1. You can buy your Spanish-learning course online 24/7, download it to your computer and begin with your lessons in a few minutes. You can do this anytime, anywhere you have Internet access and a working credit card.

2. When you get the interactive-audio Spanish-learning course on CDs or in a digital download in MP3 format, you can offload the lessons onto your iPod or other portable audio device or use your CDs on any portable CD player anywhere. The time and place of your learning lessons is up to you.

3. You pick your own learning speed, go fast or slow, repeat sections as many times as you wish, until you get it down pat. In a classroom you have to go at the speed the teacher sets and move with the rest of the class, at someone else's speed.

4. Good courses to learn to speak Spanish on audio CDs are recorded by native Spanish speakers with excellent neutral accents. You learn just the right accent and inflection. Moreover, you can go back to your audio lessons to refresh your memory, anytime you wish.

The accent you learn can only be as good as that of your teacher. Almost everyone has an accent in Spanish. Cuban Spanish is very different from Mexican Spanish, for example. When you learn to speak Spanish from audio CDs you get the best accent possible, better than that available in 95% of classrooms.

5. When you learn to speak Spanish using audio CDs you eliminate the cost of classrooms and going to and fro. The cost of the teacher is shared by many, so the cost per student comes way down. The bottom line is that you can get any one of half a dozen different good learning courses for under $100!

6. You save the time and cost of physically going to class and returning home for each lesson. And you don't have to formally block out the time necessary for the lessons. You can study your lessons on weekends, at night, anytime and anywhere. You can fit it in around your schedule. Great convenience and time savings.

In fact, it is now so convenient and economical to learn to speak Spanish (audio CDs or MP3 digital format) that more and more native English speakers are now learning Spanish as their preferred second language!

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