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Downloading mp3's is one thing. Downloading Chinese mp3's is another thing altogether. Unless you know how to read and write Chinese characters, you might find yourself taking twice as long to find and download songs. Luckily, the Internet is sprawling with so many mp3 Web sites and a lot of them do have Chinese songs put up. If you are searching for an internationally-acclaimed artist or song, then you might not have to delve deep into the online jungle. Examples of such artists are Japan's Utada Hikaru and Korea's Rain. Both singers have amassed a huge following not only in Asia but in the western world as well.

Personally, my first choice is free music as I can only assume that it's a Chinese search engine since it functions just like one. All you have to do is click on the word mp3 (which is the only English word there) and type away at the blank provided before pressing the "go" button. If, for example, you know only one word or one character from the whole title of the song, you can just type it anyway and a whole bunch of mp3's with that particular word would appear. Then again, you can always just copy the title of the song and paste it on the blank.

However, if you fail to find your song at Baidu or you plainly just can't figure out how the whole Web site works, you can try searching for your favorite Chinese mp3's. Unfortunately for most of you, the whole Web site is in Chinese so you might struggle a little bit with it and might have to blindly navigate your way around. However, this is the perfect place to download the latest releases from China. Lyrics and flash videos are also featured here. In case you are wondering what flash videos are, they are animated flash videos made by fans for their favorite songs and artists. Again, I can only assume that they are fan-made because I can't really make out the language. Still, you'll be having plenty of fun checking out all the links. In fact, you'll find yourself so busy and distracted with all the goodies (especially the flash videos) that downloading mp3's might just take the back seat. On the other hand, if you are one of the privileged few who can understand Chinese, then you'll definitely appreciate the gossip that comes with the Web site. Talk about a multi-purpose page.

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