Download free MP3 Israeli : Mobiles - All Change! Modu Debut

What of your mobile phones' features do you consider the most important? From the design of the keypad, music capabilities, GPS system or perhaps just the ease at which you are able to make and receive calls?

Now imagine you had mobile phones which you could morph to suit your needs - one minute it's a phone, the next a camera or a GPS system?

Now an Israeli telecoms firm has unveiled what it calls the one of the world's smallest and lightest mobile phones.
Modu unveiled the device at the annual Mobile World Congress, and their design idea could help pave the way for a different form of upgrading your mobile phone.

The phone itself - a 2.5G GSM - which consists of a small screen and a couple of buttons, can fit into a variety of different handheld shells with different features available.

The shells help convert simple mobile phones into a variety of different multimedia devices - including mp3 players, handheld games consoles, palmtop devices with QWERTY keypads and even GPS systems you can mount on the handlebars of your bicycle.

But there are also plans in the pipeline to develop methods of using the device with external devices - such as car stereos, internet phones and even laptop computers - helping to widen the possibilities of communication amongst mobile users.

Chances are that such phones are unlikely to be available as pay as you go for now, but Modu's design idea, if successful, could pave the way for phone designs in future, helping to take a step forward in developing mobile phone technology that could one day eliminate the need for expensive upgrades.

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